Artificial Turf Maintenance
Service in San Diego

Bring Your Artificial Turf Back to Life

You invested in having artificial turf install on your property and as with anything in life, it requires a little bit of maintenance to keep it looking top notch. San Diego Landscape Solutions Inc. offers synthetic grass maintenance services to keep your lawn looking perfect year round.

Schedule artificial turf maintenance service to keep your turf looking good for years to come.

Service visit includes:

  • Clear weeds from turf
  • Clear leaves, pine needles, and debris from turf
  • Powerbroom turf to get lawn fibers standing up again
  • Blow off hardscape patios, walkways and courtyards

One Time Visit2 Times Year Service Agreement Every 6 months4 Times Year Service Agreement every 3 months
Up to 1000 sq feetUp to 1500Up to 1500
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$649 per year
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$999 year Year
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Over 1000 sq feet, please contact us for a quote.

Additional Maintenance Services:

  • Pet Wash and adding more infill
  • Repair seams, ripples, and borders
  • Reinstall from a poor installation
  • Pull up and regrade settled base materials
  • If it has to do with artificial turf in San Diego, we can fix it

We Provide Services to the Following Cities and Towns in CA:
Ygrene Works